Pro-lifers, the church, and Texas’ abortion ban

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

I was baffled today when I saw a post of a pastor on Facebook celebrating the approval of the most atrocious anti-women anti-abortion law approved in the country, Texas SB 8. He was so happy.

I tried to have a conversation, but even though he responded, he failed at addressing the actual debate. This debate is a genuine concern of millions of people around the country. Women die over this kind of legislation and its consequences, and I am sure many who are pregnant now are wondering how they will gain access to health care.

The Church can do a lot of good —and it does more often than not—, but historically speaking, The Church has very few times been on the right side of human rights battles.

So I have something to say about how radical beliefs lead to problems and dangerous views, influencing legislation leading to these atrocious bills and laws.

This podcast is my rant for the day.

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