People call poison centers after taking ivermectin for covid-10

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Is IVERMECTIN FDA approved for COVID-19? People are taking livestock drug IVERMECTIN for they are hearing on some networks that it is good for treating covid-19. In this video, I explore what the FDA, NIH, WHO, and even the farmaceutical MERCK have to say. We must always trust official sources and not TV entertainers to avoid serious health consequences.

It’s important to clarify that IVERMECTIN is FDA approved for human consumption per the label. But ONLY for some parasitic-related conditions. This is a very important distinction for there is disinformation on both sides of the debate: Fox News has promoted it without being emphatical about there being a human version of the drug. CNN, MSNBC, and others have portrayed the drug as only being for livestock.

We need accurate information at this time. I would say that even though the drug can be used for some parasitic conditions, the FDA has been clear in saying it’s not safe for human use to treat COVID-19. An easy example to consider is the drug ADVIL.

ADVIL is very popular all over the world and used for a lot of situations. But if you catch hemorrhagic dengue, it’s counterindicated, for it can lead to greater bleeding. The fact that ADVIL is safe for use under a lot of situations and conditions, does not make it safe under all of them.

Never self-medicate. Never ignore professional opinions from your doctor and local and state authorities.

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