Barbaric abortion ban takes effect in Texas

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What’s going on with this bill taking effect today? In a nutshell:

On May 19, 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 8 (SB 8) into law.1 This bill includes two key provisions: it bans abortion upon detection of fetal cardiac activity and allows almost anyone to sue abortion providers and others who “aid and abet” a person obtaining abortion care. In this brief, we explain the provisions and potential impacts of SB 8.

Unfortuately, this law took effect today, September 1st, 2021.

I am baffled watching as the Supreme Court failed women in Texas. Throughout history, it has been a struggle for women to succeed in the workplace, to be safe, to be heard, to be considered, to vote, to run for political positions, among many other struggles and challenges. It has cost so many tears and battles, so much blood, so many deaths of women to make progress when it comes to human rights, literally fighting the government to put laws and protections in place. How is it possible that Texas failed them so badly in this day in time? How is it possible that they are taking their rights away?

I was shocked to read the medical and legal implications report by The Texas Policy Evaluation | The University of Texas at Austin. This is a total disaster. Today is an absolute sad day in history. Especially reading on other reports or news articles that there is not an exception for rape or incest cases. This is radical, madness.

First, the bill bans physicians from providing medical service if it’s been 6 weeks, or if they can detect “cardiac activity” within 5-6 weeks gestation before the fetus’ heart has developed.

Barbaric abortion ban takes effect in Texas
Barbaric abortion ban takes effect in Texas

Second, based on a survey 85% sought an abortion after 6 weeks, for as mentioned, many don’t even realize they are pregnant, and by the time they know about it, they may be out of options. Abortion appointments are not readily available and this can present a huge challenge.

Third, it will affect primarily Black patients who lack the financial resources to pay for expenses during the first visit or live far away from clinics. Medicaid and most private health care providers don’t cover the abortion procedure.

How much does an abortion cost? According to ACLU Texas, it can be between $300 and $1,500.

The cost of an abortion varies depending on several factors including how far along you are in your pregnancy and which abortion provider and method you choose. The cost in the first trimester is between $300 and $800 for a medication abortion and between $300 and $1,500 for a procedure abortion.

Fourth, the legal chaos. This bill opens the door for anyone to sue anyone who helps the patient get an abortion: the physician, a family member who drove the patient to the clinic to get the abortion, or even if someone assisted financially after the 6 weeks gestation. This is crazy.

The State will not enforce the law. Instead, they encourage people to implement it by bringing up lawsuits against anyone who, according to the broad language on the bill, could even be anyone offering any help or guidance to get an abortion. Offering a phone number, maybe directing them to a website or a medical professional, you name it. Anything can be used against the person offering the information.  

If anyone assists the patient in getting an abortion after six weeks, the person may be subject to a $10,000 fine per abortion and even be responsible for the plaintiff’s legal fees. It does not matter if the person bringing up the lawsuit is not even related to the patient. What? 

Physicians can’t recover the legal fees even if they prevail in court after the lawsuit and it could lead to many becoming reluctant to share any information whatsoever. Just a phone call giving basic advice could be considered a violation considering the broad language of the law.

Fifth, all previous bills of such nature failed for they were deemed unconstitutional based on the famous Roe v. Wade case. But something changed now. It worries me to think that this could become the new norm knowing that the Supreme Court has shifted its position on this matter. 

How decades of legal interpretation all of sudden were discarded to push this anti-women and dangerous bill to become law? It’s sad. Very sad.

If the main goal is saving lives, this won’t help much. This barbaric measure will not prevent pregnancies. Research in many countries shows that banning abortion does not correlate with abortion reduction. Actually, in some countries and in areas with less education, when abortion is illegal cases of abortion are higher.

On the other hand, when there’s access to birth control, good education, and abortion as a legal humane women-protecting option, cases of abortion are lower. This is a fact which happens to be consistent all over the world.

Women will start to seek treatment illegally, and as we’ve seen it happen before, they will face greater risk of dying. They become the victims of illegal practitioners in unsafe environments. We’ll end up having an abortion anyway, but now we must add up potential mother deaths to the equation. 

Are you in favor of this new law? Do you think it will help to reduce abortions and unwanted pregnancies? 

I think today will go down as a very sad day in history. They attacked women in Texas. They took away their rights to safe health care and determining over their bodies.

What’s next? Asking them to stay home? To not vote? 


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