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Thank you for visiting The Aranzamendi Podcast. I am very excited about this new project in which I get to share my thoughts on a wide array of issues going on in the country.

Let me tell you a little bit about me:

I am a husband, a father, born in Wisconsin, USA, raised in Puerto Rico since I was four years old. I am an advertising and marketing professional, entrepreneur, web and apps developer, and I also work in retail management.

I have been connected to journalism and newspapers for over two decades since I was 20 years old. I ran a regional newspaper back in Puerto Rico, worked developing or producing magazines and newspapers for many different customers, producing content, graphic design, and overseeing production and print in general.

I have worked with and been a consultant for regional and even national newspapers in Puerto Rico when it comes to digital, helping some or most of these customers developing their online presence and digital strategies.

I am proficient in web development and database-driven applications, digital marketing, SEO, video filming and editing, live-streaming, graphic design, photography, and musical production.

I am very passionate about politics, religion, social issues, health, psychology, parenting, business, marketing, among many other topics. There is so much going on around us at the time. We are living at a crucial point in time in which we must raise our voices.

That’s my mission and the reason why I am passionate about my podcast and my blog. I have contributed to many companies across various industries, helping them get up and running to share their news, but it was time to work on my project to share content and my thoughts with the world.

In 2016 I returned to the USA and chose Texas as my state. I have a lot of relatives here. Texas has such a diverse culture and beautiful people. I learned to love country music and pickup trucks. You may even see me wearing a cowboy hat and boots soon (not so sure about that, though, LOL).

Finally, if you are here on my website, I care about you. Thank you for being here. I hope you like the content, and if you don’t, I hope you enjoy telling me why I am so wrong. As long as we can talk, co-exist, tolerate one another, be respectful, we’re on the right track for a better country, for a better world.

Don’t forget this: even though a lot is separating us in politics or even religion, we have a lot more in common than we think. That’s the biggest challenge we face, and my main goal with this podcast: can we find some common ground? Can we see the gray areas in between so much black and white? I hope we can.

Yours truly,

Daniel Aranzamendi
The Aranzamendi Podcast

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